Friday, July 25, 2014

Hub City Turning Symposium 2014.

Registration started at 1:00 but lots of early bird keeners were there chomping at the bit.

Here are the classrooms all set up from yesterday waiting for action.

Items started coming in for the silent auction:

Venders started setting up their tables.

Materials arrive and everyone pitches in to help get lathes set up and apply the final touches.

 The instant gallery starts to take shape.

OK .. We'll do it your way.

Opening remarks in the cafeteria:
Deb welcomes everyone.

And the Fun Begins
Cynthia Gibson and Pyrography 101.

Douglas Fischer on Multi Axis turning with a vacuum chuck.

Michael Gibson does his demo.

Binh Pho deoms Air Brushing.

Bin's classrom.

Doug makes the chips fly.

Doug's demo pieces.

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